Kick It, Throw It, Punt It

On a traditional kickball field, place a kickball, football, and frisbee at home base. Mark the outfield with enough numbers for half the group. The numbers should designate outfield play positions. Divide the group into infield and outfield teams and give each child on each team a number. The numbers denote the kicking order and their positions in the outfield. Kickers come up to home plate one at a time. They can kick the kickball into the field, punt the football or throw the frisbee. Then, the student runs around the bases continuously. The fielders retrieve the equipment, pass them infield and put them on their appropriate bases; kickball 1st, football 2nd, frisbee 3rd. The fielders are trying to quickly place the equipment before the runner reaches home base. If the runner gets home first that’s a point scored. Remind students to be careful about base blocking and stepping on equipment when running the bases.


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