Jungle Race

Lay out two separate paths using polyspots. Put one hula hoop at the beginning of each path. Put a box of small objects at the end of each path. You can make the course more difficult by creating larger gaps between spots or adding cones and jump ropes as additional obstacles. Divide the group into two teams. This is NOT an actual race. Every player will have one chance to go through the obstacle course by only stepping on the polyspots. The player will begin at the first polyspot. They will walk towards the box of small objects, and grab as many objects as possible by using one hand. After grabbing the objects the player must go back using the polyspots to walk (or jump, leap, etc.) on, and drop the objects into the hula hoop. Once the player has let go of their objects, the next person goes. Only the objects that land in the hula hoop will be counted. After everyone has had a turn, do a final count of objects that landed in the hoops. The team with the most objects in their respective hula hoop wins. Make it harder by having campers put a sock or puppet over their hand to grab the objects.


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