Jedi Dodgeball

One player from each team is chosen to be the Jedi. Jedi’s start the game inside of a Hula-Hoop which is their “circle of force” and are given a pool noodle as their “light saber”. Jedi’s are safe in the circle and are not out if hit. When a player gets out they must sit down where they are when they got out. Jedi’s can heal them by tagging them with their light saber to let them back in the game. If the Jedi has to come out of their circle of force to heal someone and they get hit by a ball they are out. A Jedi is out if it hits their body or their light saber. Each player that gets hit after the Jedi is out goes out as well. Once a player, or Jedi, is out they cannot return even if someone catches a ball. Teams must rotate players to be the Jedi each game.


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