Human Foosball

You play just like the table game only with real people linked in rows. Split the kids into two teams, have a captain decide who goes in which rows and how many in each row. Each entire team faces one direction and has to stay that way. They link arms by holding the person’s elbows next to them or by holding something like a water noodle to stay connected to each other. The whole row has to stay within their boundaries like in the game, but they can slide back and forth left and right. When you play inside you can mark the boundaries with masking tape, or if you play outside you can used paint if acceptable or tape or flour. If you play in a building if you need to remove pretty much everything from the room. If you play outside, it is best if you play between two buildings so that the ball stays in the game. If you play in a field have lots of folks around to toss the ball back into play. Make sure everyone is wearing shoes, it can get a little fierce with the kicking. Use a soft ball such as a stuffed soccer ball or a nerf ball. Variation of the game: use more than one ball at a time.


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