House, Tree, Neighbor

Form players into a circle. The leader of the game will stand in the middle of the circle. At each round of play, the leader will point toward one player who is in the circle, and say either “House,” “Tree,” or “Neighbor.” If the leader says “House,” the person who he/she points to has to crouch down, and the players on either side of him/her have to turn toward each other and form a “roof” over the frame of the house (the middle player) by giving each other a high-ten over the player’s head. If the leader says “Tree,” that player must stand like a tree trunk, straight and with his/her arms to his/her side. The two players on either side then form branches by facing away from each other and form arches with their arms away from the trunk. If the leader says “Neighbor” to a player, that player must cross their arms and hands in front of his/her body, reaching out their hands to the players on either side of them. The players on the sides then quickly shake the middle player’s hands. The speed of the game can get faster as it goes on and players get better. If a player makes a mistake, they can do jumping jacks and get back into the circle, distract or cheer for the remaining players in the circle, or if it is played at the end of a game time, be eliminated and go back to their seats/classroom.


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