Grocery Store

At least 3 sets of 4 same-color cones needed (4 green cones, 4 yellow cones, 4 red cones, 4 orange cones, 4 purple cones, 4 blue cones). Set up 3-6 sets of cones around in a given area. Each set of 4 cones should make a square. (The bigger the area used the more fun.) Assign each set of cones a fruit or vegetable that corresponds to their color (e.g. purple cones = grapes, yellow cones = lemons, etc.). Make sure students can repeat which fruit each color of cones corresponds to. The leader starts as the Shopper. The Shopper will yell out, “I am going to the store to buy some… grapes!” All the students must then run over to the box of purple cones without being tagged by the shopper. If they do get tagged they become a shopper and a tagger as well.


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