Foot Pool

Imagine a giant pool table. Set up a rectangular shaped playing area. Create mini-goals in each of the corners, using cones, water bottles, etc. Imagine a big pool table that this is a big pool table and the mini-goals are the pockets. Arrange nine kick balls or soccer balls midway between the center and back of the playing area (just like on a pool table). Split your group into teams of about 4 people on each team. For smaller groups you could just have each person take turns and not have teams. Determine which team goes first, second, and so on. Only one person can be on the “pool table” at a time. One member from first team has to break. If any balls go in, that team gets to have another player come up and try to put another ball in. They do this by trying to kick one of the balls into one of the goals. If it goes out of bounds or if more than one ball goes in at a time that is considered a scratch. That is the end of their teams’ turn. It would then go to the next team. If they get one ball in a goal, another member from their team will go. This keeps going until all the balls are gone. If you have different color balls, you could assign each team their own color and they would have to get all of theirs in a goal then the last ball in a goal and they win. If you do not have different color balls, simply do a point system.


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