Flag Fake Out

Designate a playing area large enough to run in (a large rectangle). Place cones on each baseline (width) if there are no lines. Divide the students into two teams with each team lined up on opposite baselines. Have cones placed a few feet behind the baseline marking where the single file line should start. Designate one side as the defense and the other side as the offense. On the leader’s signal, the first two people in each line begin the game. The object is for the offense to run past the defense and reach the opposite baseline without getting their flag taken. The offense can move in any direction while making their ‘fakes,’ but they must stay within the boundaries. The defense player tries to take the offense player’s flags. The play is over when either the offense reaches the baseline or gets their flags taken. When the play is over, the students go back to the end of the opposite line from which they started.


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