Electric Fence

For this game you need two poles and a piece of rope or string. The rope is tied between the two poles, about four feet off the floor. Divide into teams. The object of the games is for the entire team to get over the “electric fence” (the rope) without getting “electrocuted” (touching the rope). Each team member goes one at a time, with or without help from his or her teammates. If you touch the rope you go to the end of the line and try again when you are up again. What makes this game interesting is that even though one player goes over the rope at a time, the other team members can help any way they want. Once a person is over the fence, however, he or she must stay over the fence and not come back around to help anyone. So the last person each time must somehow get over the fence without help from the other side. This game requires lots of teamwork and cooperation.


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