Down The House

Use four cones to make a square 4×4 square and mark the placement of cones with pods underneath. Use pods to make a circle around the cones with a radius of approx. 10 ft. Have students find a spot around the circle. Explain that the four cones in the middle represent a house and there are tornadoes in the forecast, threatening to knock it down. Pick two students to be the first team and have them stand inside the cone house. Explain to the team that is their job to protect their home from being knocked down and give the team a minute to strategize before they start. On the start of the clock/timer, those students on the circle must try to knock the cones down with the dodgeballs. The balls must be thrown from outside the circle. Students may go inside the circle to retrieve a ball but they must then toss it to someone on the outside of the circle in order for it to be thrown. The object of the game is to be the team inside the cones that keeps the house standing for the longest period of time. When a cone is hit, the team has to pick the cone back up as quickly as possible but cones must be put back in proper spot. To protect the cones, the team may block it with their hand or other body parts. Seconds can be added onto a team’s time for the following infractions: Standing on the cones, holding the cones up, or squatting over the cones as means to protect them. Catching, hitting, or kicking the ball away when a dodgeball is thrown at a cone. When 3 cones are down at one time, the clock/timer stops. Keep picking new teams of two to go in the middle to try to beat the previous times.


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