Cookie Jar

Set up a rectangular play area with enough space in between for the group to run around in. Line students up shoulder to shoulder along one of the boundary lines, making sure there is adequate space for the students to spread out. Practice the verbal cues so the whole group asks “Cookie Monster, Cookie Monster are you Hungry?” in unison. Review boundaries and consequences for going out of bounds. Explain that the students are cookies and you are the Cookie Monster. It is almost lunchtime for you and you may be hungry. The students must ask you, “Cookie Monster, Cookie Monster are you hungry?” If you say “yes” they must try to run across the play area without getting tagged by you. If you say “no” they must remain where they are and ask again until you say “yes.” If a student gets tagged they become your helpers. Helpers stay seated where they were tagged and can tag campers as they run by.


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