Circle Dodgeball

Make a circle approximately 30’ across. Place evenly spaced cones all the way around the circle, enough for each person in the group.  The game is played with all the students on the cones on the outside circle attempting to hit players on the inside of the circle with the ball, only from the waist down. Choose 1-5 students to start in the center of the circle. Each player in the middle has a flag or jersey in his/her hand. If a player on the inside is hit from the waist down, s/he must trade places with the player who rolled or threw the ball. The player also hands off the flag to the new person in the circle. Only players with a flag should be inside the circle. The players on the outside can only hit the inside players from the waist down. The outside players must stay on their cones while retrieving or throwing the ball. A player cannot reach in front of another player to retrieve the ball. If any player strays off of their cone to retrieve a ball, they are out and must wait a few minutes before playing again. If a ball goes outside the circle, only one player at a time should retrieve it. The player closest to where the ball exited the playing area should retrieve a lost ball. If the players on the outside cannot hit any of the inside players for two full minutes, the round is over and a new round starts with new players on the inside chosen by the leader.


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