Circle Ball

Divide the group into 2 teams. Use the skipping ropes to make two circular goals at either end of the playing area. Each team is given a ping-pong ball. Team members must be connected by holding hands. A soccer ball is placed in the center of the playing area. Each team in the game moves as a unit. If any member of the team lets go or in any way becomes separated from the rest of the group, the team loses a point. On “GO”, each team moves its ping-pong ball along the ground and into the goal of the opposing team. Any player may touch the ball -no player may keep possession of the ball for the entire time. As soon as a team ‘sinks’ its ping-pong ball, it races to the center to try to kick the soccer ball into the opposing goal. The first team to do so scores a point and the game is repeated. The team scoring the most goals with the soccer ball is the winner.


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