Charades Tag

Make sure the students understand how to play charades. Do a couple of warm-up rounds so they get the idea of acting in silence and guessing the action. Divide the group into two teams. Each team comes up with an action or scenario they will act out. Give categories to help the kids decide. Younger grades: animals, occupations and sports. For older grades make it more challenging with movies, songs, people and so on. Have one person from each team whisper to you what their charade will be. Once each team has told you what their charade will be, have the two teams face off, by standing equal distance from the middle line. Decide who will act out their charade first. On your signal one team acts out their charade while the other team guesses. When you hear a correct guess say ‘yes’ or give another signal. The team that guessed correctly will then chase the acting team back to the acting team’s safety line. If anyone is tagged s/he joins the other team. Then the next team acts out their charade and the process is repeated.


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