This game is a mixture of everyone’s-it-tag, octopus and dodgeball. The kids will love it as it is extremely high energy, and can go on forever. Designate a playing area in which the campers must remain. The goal of the game is to get all other players out and be the last one standing. This is quite difficult however. Players can eliminate each other in a number of different ways: The first is simply by tagging them. If two players tag each other at the same time, they must shake hands and part ways, with neither of them being out. A number of dodge balls will also be thrown into to mix once the game begins. Players can eliminate each other either by throwing the ball and hitting opponents below the waist, or by catching a ball that is thrown at them without a bounce. A player hit by a ball in the legs is out no matter how many bounces it has taken. Players who are out simply sit down wherever they were tagged. They are able to rejoin the game and eliminate others either by tagging them as they run by, or by getting their hands on a ball and throwing it at and hitting a player who is still standing. If a ball rolls out of the boundaries, a camper can retrieve it simply by asking a counselor in charge if they can go get it. The first player to ask politely is able to get the ball as long as they are still standing. This game will not usually end, and as such at some point whoever is running it can either end it or instate the rule that no one who goes out can get back in again. They can also call out “Everybody up!” at their own discretion.


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