Catch and Pass Volleyball

Set up a traditional volleyball court, using lines or cones for clear boundaries. Balls are evenly distributed on each teams’ side before game begins. Review the concepts of bumping, setting and serving with student volunteers. Divide the students into 2 teams. Students are arranged in standard volleyball formation, with 4-6 on each side of the net. Others wait in a line on each side to rotate into the game. The ball is served by throwing it over the net. Players must catch, pass, and throw the ball back over the net in three or fewer tries. Play continues until one team: Hits or throws the ball out of the boundaries, does not put the ball into play on the other side of the net in three tries or less, allows the ball to touch the floor on their side, this game can be used to teach rotation. Only the serving team can earn points. If the serving team loses a volley, the other team gets the serve. Teams rotate each time they regain the serve.


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