Bridge Ball

Have students stand in a circle, foot to foot. Their feet should be slightly more than shoulder width apart, forming a “bridge.” Have students get into ready position with their hands on their knees. The object of the game is for players to try to hit the ball between other players’ bridges and block balls from coming through their own bridges. Players get a letter in the word “bridge” each time the ball goes through their legs. Once a player has spelled bridge, the game restarts. Players may only hit the ball with an open palm. No throwing. They may catch the ball if it is head height. They must then hit the ball back into play. If a ball goes outside the circle, the player closest to it when it went out may go and get it. Another variation is each player gets “2 lives”. If the ball goes under their bridge, they lose a hand and it must go behind their back. A 2nd time and they are out, reducing the size of the circle until only a few remain.


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