Bean Ball

Have the students stand on the boundary line around a hula hoop that has bean bags all around it–this will be the line the “throwers” need to stay behind. One player stands in the middle of the play area, near the bean bags and hula hoop. The other players stand outside the boundary line, with dodgeballs. When play begins, the child in the middle has to take the beanbags between his/her feet and then throw them inside the hula hoop while jumping–no hands allowed. In the meantime, the players must try to hit the player in the middle with the ball. If the ball hits him/her, then the player who hits him/her goes into the middle. The trick is not to be hit while standing in the middle and to try to get the hoop full of bean bags. If the hoop is full, then s/he knocks the hoop out of the way to show the others that s/he has completed one round.


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