Basketball Game Variations

Are you tired of the same old basketball games that you grew up with as a kid? Here is a fresh new look at basketball variations that will keep kids engaged and having fun learning the game of basketball. These games require minimal equipment and are suitable for elementary aged kids and above.

Beanbag Basketball

In this game you put a bucket on each side of the basketball court. In this game you will need two teams of at least 4-5 players. Choose one team to “throw off the beanbag”. They throw the beanbag to the other team to start the game. Once this is done the offensive team (with the beanbag) must make their way to the other side trying to get the beanbag into the bucket on the other end of the playing field. The other team can play defense but they cannot take the beanbag out of anyone’s hands or physically touch any other player. They basically can try to distract the other players and make it harder to make good passes. The only way to move the beanbag is to pass it. Nobody can run with the beanbag. It must be passed and caught. If the beanbag is passed and missed, the other team gets possession of the beanbag.

Chaos Basketball

Divide groups into as many hoops you have in the gym. Each team gets a ball to start, but balls can be picked up by anyone. Each team has to defend their hoop but also send teammates out to score on other hoops. When a player makes a basket they cannot get the same ball they made and must go out to find another one. Each team should assign a scorekeeper each round to count how many baskets go in their hoop. Basketball rules apply where players must dribble and pass to teammates as they go around the gym. There are no out of bounds. The team with the least amount of baskets that went in their hoop wins. Add more balls for more chaos!

Steal the Bacon – Basketball Style

Use a basketball court, or a large rectangular area. Divide the students into 2-4 groups; each team sits on a boundary line. Give each student a number. Each group should have a 1, a 2, etc. Assign each team one ball, which is placed in the center of the court. The leader calls out a number. All students with that number run to pick up their team’s ball. The students run back to the basketball hoop and attempt to make a shot. If a student makes the basket s/he earns a point for her/his team, then s/he returns the ball back to the designated area in the center of the court.

Medic Basketball

Set up two cones near each basketball hoop where you’d like the teams to shoot from. Divide students into two equal teams and have them line up behind the cones. Give each team a few minutes to select a medic. The first student in each line will have a chance to shoot the ball (have them play Ro-Sham-Bo to see who goes first). If the student makes a basket, s/he goes to the end of the line, earning a point for the team and remaining in the game. If the student misses, s/he will leave the line and stand off to the side. If the medic makes a basket, every student who previously missed can return to the line. Play continues until one line has lost all of their players or the teams have combined to equal a set number of baskets.

Sports Game Variation Activity Guide!

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