Around the World

Place cones or chalk marks around the perimeter of the key (area near the hoop). Line players up behind first cone/chalk mark. The first student (#1) shoots from the first spot. If s/he makes the basket, s/he advances and shoots from the next spot. The same player continues around the markers until a basket is missed. After #1 misses, s/he goes under the basket and rebounds the ball for player #2. Player #2 rebounds the ball for player #3, etc. Player #1 returns to the end of the line. When all other players have had turns, Player #1 returns to the last place s/he made a basket and continues as before from that spot. A player is finished when s/he has successfully made baskets all the way around the court. Add a twist and allow players to “chance” when they miss. If they chance, they get another shot but if they miss again they go back to the start. If they make it, they continue to move on.


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