Arena Flag Tag

Set up a basketball court-sized space. Evenly space cones on the outside of the boundaries. Use flag football flags or provide an example of where and how to place flags if using something like a towel (in a pocket or waist band at least 3/4 of the flag showing). Express the need for safe and fair play, including: no flag guarding, rolling on the ground, taking flags off the ground, or calling out “cheater”. Everyone moves within the boundaries trying to avoid each other. If a player grabs a flag, they must place it on the ground. Once a flag is on the ground, it is considered off limits. When a player loses their flag, they must get down on the ground (sitting or kneeling). In order to get back off the ground, a player who is kneeling may grab a runner’s flag and place the flag on themselves to get back in the game.


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