Tunnel Ball

A small circle should be the size of a large hula hoop. Inside this circle will be three larger cones. The larger circle should be big enough that students outside of it should not be able to hit the cones in the middle too easily. Divide the group into two teams – “Offense” & “Defense” The Offense will stand outside of the large circle, the Defense will be in between the two circles. Both teams can move freely within their areas, but cannot cross over into the other team’s zone. The offensive team will have 3 dodgeballs. To “score”, they will have to knock over the cones in the center. Once all 3 cones have been knocked over, have the teams switch roles. The defensive team can block the balls and defend the cones with any part of their body, as long as they don’t cross into the center circle. If the ball is stuck in the center, the defensive team must throw it back to the outside.


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