Tap Ball

Split group into 2 teams. Use cones or lines to delineate boundaries. The game begins with a jump ball or tip-off, like in basketball. The player who gets the ball can run with it, however, if they choose to run they have to tap the ball up and down in their hand as they run. It is called a travel if the player runs with the ball without tapping it, just like in basketball. Opposing players may steal the ball. Players may pass the ball by throwing. Players may not pick up the ball off the ground with their hands. They must use their legs and jump up and catch it, or kick it up in the air to be caught. Players must make at least 3 passes before scoring a goal. The goalie on each team may use their hands to pick the ball up within the designated safety zone, past the shooting line. Players may throw or kick the ball into the goal.


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