Star Wars

Divide playing space in half by Rope. Each team has one Jedi knight (with pool noodle), has a star base (hoola hoop), and many death stars (Nerf balls). At start, both teams rush to the dividing line, gather as many death stars as possible and begin hurling them at the opponents. If a death star hits a player, they become frozen immediately. If a player catches a death star, the thrower becomes frozen instead. A player can only get back in the game if they are touched by the light saber of the teams Jedi knight. In order to “save” a frozen team player, the Jedi must leave his star base, hopping on one leg to the frozen player and tap her with the light saber. As long as the Jedi is on the star base, he is safe. If a death star hits him, he is frozen for good.


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