Four Corners

Game should be played in an area with four corners. This can be a classroom or an area on the yard. If your yard does not have corners, create designated areas using cones or play on the kickball field. Have students split equally among the four corners. Do a practice round with leader in the middle. The student in the middle will close their eyes and count slowly and loudly from 10 to 0. While they are counting, all other students may stay where they are or quietly move to a different corner. When the counter gets to 0, all students must be at a corner (if not they sit down). After counting, the student in the middle points to corner of his/her choice and can only open their eyes after having done so. Any students standing in that corner must sit down. If no one is standing at the chosen corner, all students sitting may stand up and get back into the game. When only one student is left standing, s/he becomes the counter for the next round. As a variation you can spin a bottle or bowling pin to determine which corner is out when it stops.


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