Feed the Dog Relay

Depending on how many students are playing, set up pairs of two hoops (preferably of the same color) next to each other at the end of the court or field. Opposite from the two hoops, put a cone at the other end of the court or field (preferably the same color as the hoops) to mark the team’s starting line. Each team has a cone and two hoops. So, if there are 3 teams, there should be 3 cones and 6 hoops set up. Place anywhere from 10 – 15 fluffy balls (or other small object) inside one of the hoops in each pair. Split students into teams (assign them each a color cone to stand behind). On the whistle, the first player on each team runs to the hoops, or “doggy bowls” and transfers one object (“piece of food”) into the other bowl. The piece of food must be inside the other bowl before s/he can run back and give the next player a high-five. After receiving the high-five, the next player can take his/her turn transferring another piece of food to the other bowl. The team is done once all pieces of food are inside the other dog bowl.


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