Cut the Cake

Gather group into a circle holding hands. This circle is the Cake. Demonstrate the safe way to Cut the Cake. Choose a volunteer to help with a demonstration. The two arms that are connected become the knife, which is used to slice the cake. Students who are forming the cake should allow the knife to slice through without resistance. Two people walk around the circle holding hands and decide where they want to ‘cut the cake’. To do so, they use a slicing motion to gently break the chosen connected hands with their arms, then begin running around the outside of the circle. The two people whose hands were ‘cut’ reconnect with each other and let go of the person on their other side, creating a second pair. The new team has to run in the opposite direction around the circle and try to get back to the open spot before the first pair. The first team back to the opening becomes part of the circle. The second team back begins a new round and gets to Cut the Cake.


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