Kids form two teams and line up at opposite sides of the gym. Players number off from right to left. In the center of the space between the lines is placed a rubber ring (or bowling pin). Balls are placed adjacent to that object. The referee calls at least two numbers at a time, usually three. The players on each side who have those numbers run out to the center. The one who gets there first snatches up the ring and dashes back to his or her team’s line. The players from the other team try to tag this student with a ball (and they can hit other students as well). If a student is hit, he or she drops the ring and must either return to line or get a loose ball to be “alive” again. The dropped ring can be picked up by any “live” player from either side. A player is safe and scores points if he or she reaches the line without being tagged. Players on line can kick balls back into play, but not touch them with their hands.


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