All students are sitting in a circle with legs crossed. Students should close/cover their eyes while leader picks one person to be the ‘sandman’ (by lightly tapping him/her on the head one time) and one person to be the ‘alarm clock’ (by lightly tapping him/her on the head two times). Once the roles are chosen, students open their eyes. The ‘sandman’ can put people to sleep by winking at them. If a student is winked at, he/she should silently count to ten, and then place their hands together next to their cheek to indicate that they are sleeping. The alarm clock can wake up ‘sleeping’ students by looking at a sleeping student and touching his/her own nose. If the ‘alarm clock’ is put to sleep, he/she can no longer wake others up. Players can try to guess who the ‘sandman’ is, but only while they are still in the game. If a student guesses incorrectly, they become tired and fall asleep until the round is over.


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