Parent Complaints

If you run a well-organized program and you are a great communicator, parent complaints will be at a minimum, but sometimes things will happen that are out of your control causing a parent to complain. Any complaint that comes in, whether phone, email, or in person, should be handled and resolved as quickly as possible. If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, a follow up should occur within a maximum of two days. The Camp Director should continue to follow up with the parent until the issue is resolved.

If front line staff receives the complaint they should always try to assist first. If you do not have the information necessary to resolve the complaint, make sure to get it to the appropriate supervisor immediately. If the complaint involves an incident or injury make sure the proper documentation is filed. If the complaint is in person, always try to move them away from the campers.

Below are 7 common steps to follow to handle a complaint effectively, resolve it, and move forward:

  • Actively Listen
  • Ask supporting questions
  • Apologize Sincerely
  • Find out what they want from the complaint and verify the resolution
  • Document the complaint and notify a supervisor
  • Resolve the Complaint
  • Thank them

If the parent becomes unruly use the CARP Method to de-escalate the situation and stay on track so both parties can come to a resolution.

  • Control the situation.
  • Acknowledge the dilemma
  • Refocus the conversation
  • Problem-solve

General Customer Service

Regardless of the type of inquiry or type of communication used, all staff should follow the guidelines below as it relates to customer service and interacting with your camp parents and participants. Displaying great customer service and building trust with your participants is another way to curtail a complaint before it ever happens.

  • Be Friendly and greet with a smile
  • Be Respectful
  • Listen
  • Be Responsive
  • Be Positive
  • Clearly Communicate
  • Say Thank You
  • Keep high standards
  • Keep response time low

Closed ended responses such as “I don’t know” and “It’s not my responsibility” are never an appropriate response. Continue with getting the customer to the right person or resource to meet their needs.

Regardless of the severity of the complaint you should take them all serious and be responsive. Great communication, great customer service, and building trust along with staying organized with streamlined operations will greatly reduce your parent complaints. If a complaint does come in you will have the ability to get ahead of it and resolve it before it escalates so you and your participant can move forward and continue to enjoy your camp!


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