Over-Under Kickball

Set up cones as bases on a traditional kickball field. This game can played with all four bases or two bases. When the ball is pitched, the first student kicks the ball and runs the bases. The runner goes continuously, trying to get around the bases as many times as possible. If you are using two bases the student runs back and forth as many times as possible. The fielders retrieve the ball. Once a fielder gains possession of the ball, his/her teammates run as quickly as possible to line up in single file behind her/him. The ball is then handed over the student’s head to the next person in line. (over) The second person hands the ball through his/her legs (under) to the next person who then hands the ball over her/his head again. The students pass the ball over and under until the last person in line has possession of the ball and yells, “Stop!” At this point, the runner freezes where s/he is and announces how many time s/he made it around to home plate. One point is given for each base s/he has touched. Everyone on the first team gets a chance to kick and then the teams switch sides.


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