Magic Bubble Machine

Pair the students up.  Explain that they have been transformed into Magic Bubble Machines! The Magic Bubble Machine will only work if they act as a team. Give each pair bubbles. One person will be the Bubble Spitter who is blindfolded and cannot see. The other person is the Driver who must direct the Bubble Spitter where to go make bubbles. Have each pair decide who will be the Bubble Spitter and who will be the Driver The object is for the Bubble Spitter to hit other Bubble Spitters with a bubble, while avoiding being hit themselves. The Driver must direct their Bubble Spitter to help them hit other Bubble Spitters or avoid being hit. The Bubble Spitter cannot move without being directed by the Driver. The Driver must also direct the Bubble Spitter to pick up bubbles on the ground. When a Bubble Spitter is hit, both the Bubble Spitter and the Driver move to the sideline where they can now see the other Bubble Machines and distract them by also calling out directions! The game is over when one team remains.


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