Students form one line at a cone a few feet behind the foul line, facing the basket. The first two players in line get a ball. The object of the game is to have your entire line of players make a basket before the other line does. Player #1 takes their first shot from the foul line. As soon as player #1 attempts the first shot, player #2 can attempt a shot from the foul line. If a player misses their first shot from the foul line, they can then rebound and shoot from anywhere on the court. Both players are trying to be the first to make a basket. If Player # 2 makes it before Player #1, Player #1 was “knocked out” Both players pass their balls to the person at the front of the line. Both players go to the end of the line. If Player #1 makes it first, Player #2 continues to shoot until s/he makes a basket. Player #1 passes the ball to the first person in line and goes to the end of the line. Player #3 shoots a foul shot, now trying to get it in before Player #2. Once a player scores or is knocked out they should pass their ball to the next person in line as quickly as possible. Players may not at any time touch the other player’s ball with their body or their ball.


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