Giants, Wizards and Elves

Split group up into 2 teams, designate 2 safety zones, one on each team’s side, and designate a middle area. Each team then gets in a huddle and picks what they want to be as a team, a giant, a wizard or an elf. Giants put their hands up over their heads, wizards put their hands our straight in front of them wiggling their fingers, and elves make pointy ears on their head with their pointer fingers. Once the teams have decided their thing to be, they come up to the center spot and line up face to face, then on a count of 3, everyone does whatever action their team picked. Giants beat elves, elves beat wizards and wizards beat giants, so the team that beats the winning team chases the other and tries to tag as many members on the other team as possible before they reach the safety zone. The members from the team that get tagged become a part of the other team.


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