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Transforming Outdoor Organizations: A Journey into Human-Centered Hiring and Belonging

Many organizations and camps want to increase diversity and representation in their staff, but often see high turnover and little.

Defining Great Fundraising

In the world of philanthropy in community rec and nonprofit organizations, fundraising plays a crucial role in supporting important causes and.

Basketball Game Variations

Are you tired of the same old basketball games that you grew up with as a kid? Here is a.

3 Tips to Improve Your Agency’s Supporter Communications

Communicating effectively with supporters is essential not only for getting visitors to your organization, but also for encouraging those visitors to deepen.

Facilitating Inclusion in Parks and Recreation

To create meaningful and lasting change when it comes to including people with disabilities, it is important to involve people.

5 Tips for Activity Transitions for Camp

Transitions are going from one activity to the next with your group and are extremely important to ensure you are.

Help Your Staff Better Prepare for Your Program’s Summer Marathon

Camp professionals often compare the summer season in their program to running a marathon. During interviews with seasonal staff, we.

Marketing Messages That Work for the Parks & Rec Industry

The most effective marketing opportunity is the ability to build a relationship with members of a community. As experiential-based organizations,.

Navigating the Camp Offseason

Whether you run camps all year round or just over the summer, there are always going to be peaks and.

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