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5 Creative Parachute Games

Closest to the Pin: Lay the parachute flat and have each camper roll a ball to the center. Closest to.

Tree Tag

One person is “it” and tries to tag everyone else. Players are only safe if they are touching a tree.

Tortoise Tag

One person is “it.” Every other player tries to avoid being tagged. If they get tagged, they must crawl on.

Toilet Tag

When someone is tagged, they must squat down to form the “toilet” and hold one hand out to the side,.

Toe Touch Tag

Divide the playing field in half and designate two small “zones” on both sides to hold people who are tagged..

Tail Tag

Have one camper chosen to be “it”. Then give every other camper a piece of ribbon or string in which.

Sunny Day Shadow Tag

One person is “it”. Their job is to try to tag the shadow of the other players by stepping on.

Statue Tag

To start the game pick a pose each student has to freeze in as a statue when they get tagged..

Sock Tag

Everyone takes off a sock and puts it in the back of their pants so that it looks like a.

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